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Monday Night open thread: Defensive coordinator situation is one to watch in 2020

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

When the Los Angeles Rams decided to move on from Wade Phillips as their defensive coordinator many around the NFL media said immediately he would fit in Arizona.

While most of us agree, Wade Phillips is a better defensive coordinator than Vance Joseph, there is also the reality of a couple of things.

Firing Joseph now after committing to him would be an interesting decision to make, but it also does not guarantee anything in terms of improvement.

While Phillips is respected and has had an amazing career, he will be 73 in June. What does he have left in the tank? How long can he be here?

The Cardinals sneakily had a decent run defense according to Football Outsiders this year, 12th, the Rams were 8th. The Rams talent along the defensive line is better, that is not a shot at the Cardinals DL, it is just the reality of not having Aaron Donald.

The other thing is, the Cardinals had a shot to move on this offseason even before it was official that Phillips was not coming back to LA. There was a couple of good, veteran options available already, but with the Cardinals instance that they are a 34 team, it limited them a bit.

Keeping Joseph may not be the right move, it may not be the popular move, but I am not sure going to Wade Phillips would be either.

What are your thoughts?