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Quarterbacks could give the Cardinals options in 2020 NFL Draft

Alabama v Mississippi State Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

A serious injury to a quarterback prospect would not change much for the Arizona Cardinals in the 2020 NFL Draft.

No, when Tua Tagovailoa had a gruesome hip injury the Cardinals had found a way to sidestep needing a quarterback in 2020 with their pick of Kyler Murray, so Tua’s injury would not be the huge issue that it could be for other teams.

However, his injury and subsequent decision to declare for the 2020 NFL Draft could actually be something the Cardinals could use in their favor.

Tua’s injury was a serious one and while he is rehabbing, there are still huge questions that need to be answered.

Meaning most teams will want to be a bit conservative with drafting the lefty.

This is not an ACL tear, even Tua acknowledges the severity:

”I don’t think any of the doctors can tell the foreseeable future,” he said Monday. “None of the guys rehabbing me can tell that.”

While Joe Burrow is as much of a lock as a lock can be in January, Tua is as much of a question mark.

Tua will have to pass a battery of initial test, which won’t be until March to see how he is progressing.

If a team feels comfortable with Tua that is where the Cardinals could come into play.

Sitting with the 8th pick in the draft could allow the Cardinals to move down and load up on picks, or potentially push down a top pick if a team like the Dolphins decide to retain Ryan Fitzpatrick for another year.

Teams like the Raiders, Colts, Buccaneers, and even the Dolphins later could look at Tua as a piece they could draft.

If the Dolphins or Chargers or Panthers decide to pull the trigger early, before the Cardinals pick, now all of a sudden that could push up a Justin Herbert or Jordan Love and give the Cardinals a spot teams look to trade to.

Or, it could push down two players into the range where the Cardinals sit.

What Tua’s declaration means for the Cardinals is at worst nothing, but it could be something to monitor for the team if he starts to get some good news medically.