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What We Learned from a Dominant MNF Performance from Arizona

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


Cardinals came out on the right side this time. Getting turnovers while not giving turnovers is good! Who knew?

Okay, that’s not really something we learned. Still, progress is progress. Seeing the offense rolling without the whole shooting-the-foot issues they’ve had this season was reassuring.

Passing game struggles persist.

You wouldn’t know it from the final score.

After a slow start in the passing game, well, the passing game continued to mostly underwhelm.

Luckily, K1 once again inflicted major damage on the ground to go with a big day from Kenyan Drake.

Yes, there were some spectacular passes. But it’s still a bit concerning to have not seen a better day as a whole when considering the match-up.

Defensive improvement?

Budda Baker and the gang stole the show. And while I hate to diminish the hard work from the crew, I would caution anyone who’s banking on this as Joseph and the unit turning a corner.

It’s especially hard to get a bearing on how this pass rush projects going forward. Certainly that performance was one to be proud of, but the Cowboys were also fielding a unit that was mostly backups.

Granted, were the coverage is concerned, I’ll admit I expected more damage from that receiving corps of theirs... so there’s some room for optimism.

What do you think gang? What’d you learn from Monday night?