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Week 7 Power Rankings Round Up: Trending in the right direction?

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re not far off of the mid-season mark now. After a huge jump up and a big drop down, we’re seeing the needle move a little slower now on the Arizona Cardinals. This time it’s in a more positive direction.

Week 7 Consensus Power Rankings

Bleacher Report 12th 15th
CBS 14th 16th
ESPN 16th 16th
NFL.COM 14th 15th
Sports Illustrated (MMQB) 10th 24th
Sporting News 16th 16th
The Ringer 15th 16th
USA Today 18th 17th
Yahoo Sports 13th 17th
CONSENSUS AVG. 14th 17th

It’s a two game win streak now with some mostly dominant showings against some poor/injured competition, and a slow tick up reflects that.

I’ve noticed that SI/MMQB tends to change up who does their rankings, and don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying that’s a bad thing - but it does explain the large variance from week to week relative to other rankings.

I mentioned before that Danny Kelly of The Ringer splits his ranks up into tiers, a method and author I’m a fan of. After falling out of “The Contenders” tier, the Cards now find themselves back in that company. Albeit at the bottom.

You’ll notice USA Today even moved the Cards down a spot. And honestly, it’s hard to disagree with their reasoning.

That said I don’t know that I’d personally have some of the teams above AZ that they do, but there’s also teams that they shouldn’t be above. It’s a nothingburger in my eyes.