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RAPID REACTION: Cardinals get redemption, stun the Seahawks in OT

@blakemurphy7 reacts to Kliff Kingsbury’s errors down the stretch but the Cards defense lifted the team to new heights

Syndication: Arizona Republic Rob Schumacher/The Republic via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It was an explosive first half of football in a nationally televised game in the desert against the dreaded Seattle Seahawks.

Certainly for Seattle...cause Russ made the #2 defense in the NFL look inept at times, going off for 377 yards of offense in the FIRST HALF. Arizona was able to nail what looked like a pick-6 of Wilson until Mr. Freak Show D.K. Metcalf tracked down Budda Baker and Arizona had some misses in the redzone (missed a wide open keeper by Kyler on 2nd down, Justin Murray didn’t get to his man in time pulling as a guard on 3rd down and a pass play on 4th down that blew up made it zero points instead of 7...ow)

Overall, Arizona was able to keep pace at times but the might of Russell Wilson was just crazy.

Coming out of the first half, Arizona stumbled to a 3 and out but managed to get a stop on the Seahawks and took over on a LONG drive down the field extended by the Seahawks.

And it was almost a RELIEF given the mistakes AZ had made thus far to see Kyler punch it in to make it a 3 point game.

The game then got....ridiculous.

A back and forth affair that left everyone emotionally drained.

Arizona came back from down 10 points amidst a TON of mistakes coaching from Kliff...

-Ran the ball too much

-Needed a penalty to get a chance to get a TD

-Defense needed three Russell Wilson turnovers to win it.

-Kenyan Drake looks like he went out for the year

Ultimately everyone had given up, pretty much ALL hope once Kliff Kingsbury iced his own kicker (to prevent a 5 yard penalty with no time on the clock)

And Seattle got the ball with time on the clock to win....SMH.

It was over...and then Isaiah Simmons showed he belonged and despite it all, Kliff Kingsbury and Zane Gonzalez BOTH got their redemption.

As a Cardinals fan...this game had it all.

Arizona can play with anyone in the NFL when they bring it and the Cardinals FINALLY have a team that can beat Seattle at home, for the first time.

With back to back nationally televised victories, we have two wins.

And the Arizona Cardinals have finally, somehow, arrived.

Hats off to Vance Joseph and Kyler Murray.