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What We Learned from THAT GAME

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

That. Was. Nuts.

Over 1,000 yards, 70 points and one overtime later, your Arizona Cardinals came out on top - with having a lead for all of zero seconds.

It was a thriller. The win probability charts likely reflect a lot of our collective heart rates over the course of that second half. It had it all, so let’s get into it.


Other than an ugly interception, this is everything you could want to see given the overall lack of firepower and personnel constraints. After what had been a stagnant season as a passer, Kyler Murray went toe to toe with the league favorite for MVP and came out on top. This is the step forward as a passer we’ve been waiting for.


Take it in, Isaiah Simmons fans. It was poetic that the rookie would come up with the overtime heroics after a game where his already low usage had dropped off even more. Let’s hope this carries over.


This game showcased the duality of one Kliff Kingsbury. On the one hand, you have a sharp offensive mind that dueled with the top offense in the league and won. On the other, some very poor and questionable game/time management decisions that nearly undid all of the fireworks. I think the early fourth down call was the right call, the play was obviously lacking. The real issue was turtling for a long (missed) field goal with plenty of time to make something happen.

To his credit, he was quick to own it.

Luckily, the defense had his back. Speaking of...


It was looking rough in the first half. The top offense in the league didn’t look to be deterred by Vance Joseph’s defense, and the defensive line was weakened with the injuries to Jordan Phillips and Zach Allen. It felt like it was a matter of time before the Seahawks widened the gap.

But then... it didn’t? Despite being dinged up, VJ’s unit adjusted and nearly pitched a shutout for the second half, ultimately bailing out Kingsbury from what would have been a very awkward post game presser. Joseph mixed up the personnel usage, crafted some clever blitz packages that delivered when it mattered and picked off Russell Wilson three times - as many turnovers as he’s had all season.

I’m not saying we’ve turned a huge corner, but if a night like that doesn’t earn the beleaguered DC some slack, well...

Oh, and shoutout to Zane Gonzalez! Should never have been in that spot to miss the first FG, but still comes through in the clutch.

Tell me ROTB gang, what are your takeaways?