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Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers preview

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are heading to Carolina to take on the Panthers and that means another podcast from Uncle Jess and yours truly.

We first had to discuss the loss to the Detroit Lions and how that happened.

There was quite the discussion about the receiver room and now we may need to see them even more of the group depending on the health of DeAndre Hopkins.

We have all of that and more in this weeks episode, so sit back and enjoy.

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Here are the approximate times of the different topics of the episode.

(1:30) Reactions to the loss and what went wrong

(15:20) The play of the wide receivers

(24:38) The play of Kyler Murray and whether we should be concerned

(32:22) The impact of the injuries on the team

(44:57) Preview and predictions for Cardinals-Panthers