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Week 5 Power Rankings Round Up: This is fine

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Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images


I’m still wiping egg off my face after musing a 5-0 start to the season, despite that... dare I say the Cardinals right the ship in the coming weeks?

Fool me once? Strike one. Fool me twice?

Strike three.

I’m done overestimating the Cardinals until proven otherwise. Naively, I thought we were looking at a .500 season. Who knows? The NFL is weird and you win games you shouldn’t, maybe they even eke out over the Jeff Fisher line.

Ha. Haha. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

You can’t avert your gaze from a train wreck, and you can’t resist peeking at them power rankings, you masochists.

Week 5 Power Rankings

Bleacher Report 15th 10th
CBS 16th 11th
ESPN 16th 13th
NFL.COM 16th 14th
Sports Illustrated (MMQB) 21st 12th
Sporting News 18th 13th
The Ringer 14th 13th
USA Today 16th 11th
Yahoo Sports 16th 11th
CONSENSUS AVG. 16th 12th

After a promising start and lots of unhatched eggs counted, the Cardinals are firmly in the bottom half of the league according to the media.

The highest ranking comes from Danny Kelly at the Ringer, who has the team at 14. I want to note that Kelly groups his rankings up into tiers, a nice way of sorting his power rankings. That being said, despite being the most optimistic rating of the Redbirds, the Cardinals are now out of his “The Contenders” tier.

Nate Davis of USA Today had many astute observations, the first of which stood out to me.

No team has more penalties (32).