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Player of the Game: Hail Murray Edition

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I hope Seth doesn’t mind, but after that combination type of late game theatrics and the overall body of work yesterday, I decided to present you with the first ever (at least as long as I’ve been writing these) Co-Players of the Game.

While the passing component was more reflective of the more rough, earlier parts of the season than the previous few efforts (reflected in a 60.9 QBR), there’s no question that the balance of this game hung on Kyler Murray’s efforts.

Likewise, his running mate Deandre Hopkins also put forth a herculean effort and carried the passing game right up until literally, the very end. (To the tune of 7 receptions for 127 yards and score, for those wanting to know.)

It’s just one of many performances we’ve been fortunate to witness this season from the duo. And there’s more to come. (Maybe even a third musketeer? One can hope.)

In a day were most of the defense left a forgettable performance on the field, Budda Baker once again stood out. On top of the box score as always, the safety is making a case for an All-Pro bid this season.