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What We Learned From Thursday Night Football

Arizona Cardinals v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

I might have to petition Seth to change the name of this series. Because once again I’m not sure what we learned, but there’s a lot to come away with that reaffirmed things we knew and things we probably didn’t want to know.


I can tell you what we DID learn. Mental errors are still going to hang around. At this point, I don’t know what the remedy is other than hoping things get ironed out for year 3 of Kingsbury and hopefully an influx of talent more appropriate to legitimate playoff aspirations. It’s weird, I don’t get it and I’m sure many of you are just as puzzled. Oh well.

Growing pains:

I’ll admit I got a little caught up in all the hype on the heels of that offensive streak has since fizzled out. Hopefully it’s not too much of disappointment as I did try and warn you all a little bit the other day. That said, I’m still encouraged we’re on the right track with Kingsbury and Murray, because despite all the issues, injuries and sloppy play - they were still in this until the end.

I will however reiterate once again that I’m not sure the organization in it’s current state can adequately arm them with what they need. I won’t get into it too much again, but there’s a worrying combination of premium positions that lack proper investment and positons that have been invested in too much without showing satisfactory return.

The good news.

We’ve seen flashes here and there, but Isaiah Simmons finally put together a game that we’ve been waiting for. On top of leading the team in tackles, the first round rookie also recorded a PBU and got his first career sack. Showing off the jack-of-all-trades repertoire that attracted the front office.

I detest moral victories. At least as a fan and not a participant. That said, this team is ahead of where I thought they’d be and the flashes far brighter. They’ve come down a bit off a fun high, but it is to be expected. Kingsbury and Murray are still very young in their careers and this roster still needs work. Like Seth said “The Arizona Cardinals just aren’t there yet.”

But I feel better about where I thought they’d be - both here and now and were they could be in 2021.