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Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots second half open thread

Arizona Cardinals v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have allowed the New England Patriots to stay in a game they have dominated.

The Cardinals lead the Patriots 10-7 at half, will receive the ball in the second half, but the only reason New England is in the game is because of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cardinals opened the game by forcing a Cam Newton interception, then Kenyan Drake ran it in for an early touchdown.

They forced a punt and on the next drive they had to settle for a field goal.

Then, the Patriots got their one big play, a kickoff return that set them up on a short field.

The Cardinals forced a 4-2, but the Patriots punched it in from seven yards out.

Then, the Cardinals took the ball with over six minutes left in the half and marched down to the six inch line, but they were unable to convert.

The Cardinals need to find a way to get out of their own way and finish drives.

That will make this game a quick one.

Right now though, they are barely hanging on in New England.

Let’s hope they finish in the second half.