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Week 14 Power Rankings Round Up: Losing streaks - not fun

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Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

I won’ be the millionth person to parrot the whole “one hail murray away from so and so”... I could... but I won’t.

Guess what? These losing streaks... not so good for those of you who like these articles.

Week 14 Consensus Power Rankings

Bleacher Report 16th 14th
CBS 15th 15th
ESPN 14th 13th
NFL.COM 15th 14th
Sports Illustrated (MMQB) 15th 14th
Sporting News 17th 14th
The Ringer 17th 14th
USA Today 16th 16th
Yahoo Sports 17th 15th
CONSENSUS AVG. 16th 14th

On the one hand, this is right about were some of us (including myself) thought we might be. On the other, well the situation isn’t quite what we might have imagined. For a bit, the defense had performed admirably given the circumstances, but it was only so long before the injuries caught up to them. The brief flashes of an electric offense seem a mere blip on the radar. The inconsistency, to say the least, has been frustrating.

And despite what the staff may or may not have to say in regards to it’s star quarterback, I find myself in agreement with Yahoo’s Frank Schwab:

The Cardinals might have been better off sitting Kyler Murray until he got healthy. Since he hurt his shoulder against Seattle in Week 11 his production has fallen off.

Sure, the playoffs are still technically within reach - but unlikely. Even should they make it, they clearly lack the talent (and possibly coaching) to keep up with the rest of the pack.

Sure, the Rams are the only winning team left in this final gauntlet of the season, but as Conor Orr notes, the Giants are looking a little less impotent these days... and the Eagles may have some spark with the change at quarterback.