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Arizona Cardinals at New York Giants second half thread

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

It has been an uneven performance.

The Arizona Cardinals are winning on defense and special teams and getting just enough from the offense in a 13-0 lead in New York over the Giants.

The Cardinals offense has some yards, but have stalled in the redzone in three of their four drives.

Not sure what the issue is offense when the Cardinals get into the redzone, but it is not the fluid or efficient offense we have seen previously.

Not enough can be said about the effort on defense as they’ve forced a turnover on the opening drive, as Markus Golden was left unblocked and had a sack, forced fumble and recovery to get the Cardinals in first and goal.

That’s when the offensive issues began.

We can focus on that later if this doesn’t stay a positive for the Cardinals, but things are going well especially on defense and special teams.

Let’s hope they can put some in the end zone on the second half.