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Haason Reddick on his five sack performance and finally feeling that validation

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals and their fans have been waiting for three seasons to see the athletic explosion that Haason Reddick promised.

On Sunday, he did that and more in an incredible five sack performance against the New York Giants.

Our friends at Cards Wire sat down and interviewed Reddick after the performance, make sure to check out the full article from Justin Melo, but here are some highlights.

A lot of people had questions about what my true position would be in the NFL. I played as an off-ball linebacker for my first three years.

To revert back this year to playing out on the edge again, I even had some doubts and questions regarding whether or not I would be able to do it. I questioned how effective I would be.

To have a game like I did last week, it’s crazy. I feel validated.

Validation is tough to come by in the NFL, and especially if you are a first round pick, you rarely get a second or third chance with the same team.

The Cardinals gave Reddick that and he showed them they were right to do so.

Outside linebacker is the position that I played in college. I played defensive end at Temple. I’m a natural pass rusher. I’m happy, I’m having fun. I’m back doing what I love to do and that’s rush the passer. Football is fun for me again. I’m happy that we made that change.

That is the money quote for me. Reddick did what was asked, but he finally is getting a shot to do what he loves and quite frankly is best at.

Give the article and Justin a look.