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Update on SB Nation’s commenting system and more

Even though the complaints have been less, no one has stopped working on the comments section for SB Nation.

We just got a recent update on the Coral system and I wanted to pass it along. No one is ignoring your comments, here is what is getting updated in the coming days.

  • We’ve removed ‘Read more of this conversation’! Yeah, we know. It wasn’t great. From Friday, no longer will ongoing conversations be pushed to another page. Instead, when they hit a certain depth, the view stays flat, and you can see who is replying to whom. This was developed in conjunction with our Feedback Group. Like everything we do, it’s a work in progress. We’ll be watching to see how it’s used, and how we can make it better. Let us know what you think.
  • You can now see who’s Rec’ing your comments. Inside the ‘My Profile’ tab (where your comment history and notifications are), all your comments with Recs will now have a small arrow - click that to see who’s appreciating what you’re putting down.
  • There’s a keyboard shortcut to quickly post a comment. We know what it’s like when you’re typing fast on Game Day and you just want to say it without moving the mouse. Hitting CONTROL-ENTER now posts your comment quick-smart without having to click ‘submit’.
  • Better navigation. When you hit the bottom of the comments, you can now jump to the Discussions or Profile tab via a couple of easy links right there.

There are three big things that are still being worked on, but I am not able to speak on those yet.

If you have anything else, please leave a comment below.