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Cardinals Chaser Version of D.K. Metcalf

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Watch this chase down off the screen by Dennis Gardeck. (props to @tv_xno)

Did you notice he even got a little tripped up at the beginning of the play? This recovery is insanely good.

Why he had only been used in 69 snaps on defense prior to this game is a complete mind-boggler. You win with speed, aggressiveness and hustle in today’s NFL—-and Gardeck The Barbarian (thank you, Wolf) brings all three as well as any player on the Cardinals’ defense. Having him on the field at the same time with Budda Baker, Haason Reddick and Isaiah Simmons electrifies the defense and makes it so much fun to watch!

Pass Rusher: Watch Dennis Gardeck’s conversion of speed to power, plus power to speed with his quick twitch nose for the ball. (thanks to Cool Scouting)

In 94 snaps, Dennis Gardeck has generated 7 sacks, 8 QB hurries and 10 QB hits. His 89.6 PFF grade is now the highest on the defense.