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SB Nation Reacts: Arizona Cardinals fans didn’t like the way the team won last week in latest confidence poll

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Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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We talk every week about winning and even when it happens, if it doesn’t happen quite in the fashion we want or expect that changes our perception.

That is really the only conclusion that one can draw from this weeks SB Nation Reacts poll, as Arizona Cardinals fans confidence in the direction of the team dropped by 11% after the teams win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cardinals had been on a nice rebound after their dominant win over the New York Giants, but giving up 26 points and a massive amount of offensive yards against the rookie quarterback for the second time in a season has fans concerned.

The confidence in the direction of the team dropped from 82% to 71% after their win over the Eagles.

I guess winning isn’t enough anymore.