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Week 17 Power Rankings Round Up

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San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s here, the final week of the regular season. And maybe for the season, if the Cardinals can’t manage a win this weekend.

The sentiment across the board from the following outlets is, to no one’s surprise, one of inconsistency.

Underachievment as well, notes Gary Gramling of Sports Illustrated, who had the team the lowest amongst the consensus.

Considering the talent level, and considering the fact they’ve been relatively healthy all season, it’s tough to find a unit that underachieved more than the Cardinals’ offense in 2020.

Week 17 Consensus Power Rankings

Bleacher Report 15th 14th
CBS 14th 14th
ESPN 14th 14th
NFL.COM 14th 14th
Sports Illustrated (MMQB) 18th 14th
Sporting News 15th 14th
The Ringer 15th 14th
USA Today 15th 14th
Yahoo Sports 15th 14th
CONSENSUS AVG. 15th 14th

The expectations for the season finale seem tepid at best, if not completely writing the team off. The Rams may be without Jared Goff, but Kyler Murray’s chances remain uncertain.

At the very least, win or lose - it would be reassuring for fans if the Cardinals could catch some of that pre-bye magic that showcased an exciting offense to carry over expectations into the new year.