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Arizona Cardinals back at .500 after loss to Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

At the end of the day, the Arizona Cardinals just are not there.

The Los Angeles Rams showed that as they just completely demolished the Cardinals in the second half and the Cardinals are back to .500 on the season after a 38-28 loss.

Defensively the first half was good enough.

In the second half, this team just showed they lack the talent and depth to make a difference.

The Rams just showed the difference in what a contending team looks like, versus a team who still has a ton of work to do in terms of drafting and developing talent

The Cardinals were embarrassed at home and now they have to fight with the Minnesota Vikings for the seventh spot in the NFC playoff chase.

The offense struggled for most of the day, but the Cardinals got a break and cut the lead to 24-21.

Then things broke open.

The Rams went and scored an offensive touchdown, then Kyler Murray threw a pick six and it was out of reach.

A cheap touchdown late wasn’t enough and the Cardinals now have an uphill battle against the NFC East leading New York Giants who just beat the Seattle Seahawks next week.

Here… We… Go.