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Monday Night open thread: Did you watch the XFL in week one and will you watch moving forward?

Tampa Bay Vipers v New York Guardians Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Another year another option for professional football viewing.

This offseason Vince McMahon and the XFL are back for their second season, 20 years after their first.

While the XFL had some interesting impact on the NFL game, it’s legacy was something of a sideshow.

Now, after the first weekend of games I think it is safe to ask: Are you watching?

We had it on in the background of a slow weekend after two football games Saturday morning, we let it be some white noise.

Same with a birthday party on Sunday.

Not actively watching, but looking at some of the unique twists in the game.

I think the biggest is obviously the kickoff rules. I don’t mind them. It is a bit boring, but from an overall safety perspective, I think it makes sense.

The one I really like, and maybe I’m in the minority, is the extra point rules. Really enjoy the idea of having a chance to go for one, two or three at any time and taking extra points from kickers out of the game.

Did you watch and if so, what do you think of some of the rule changes?