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Wednesday Night Open Thread: 2020 NFL Combine up next

NFL Combine - Day 2

Happy Wednesday night everyone.

With the offseason in full swing, we are getting ready for the 2020 NFL Combine.

We will again be having our good friend Justin Higdon along to help you to make some money for the week.

When you look at the NFL Combine, there are tons and tons of props to bet on, and if you are smart, you can make a nice little bit of money as well.

The combine is not much in terms of getting anything out of it outside of baseline testing.

Most of the time it more than anything changes nothing unless someone bombs, Orlando Brown Jr. for isntance.

However, the combine is mostly about the rumors. Remember, this was when the Kyler Murray stuff started up in earnest.

While Eric Galko had it first, the national media began to pick up steam during and after the combine and it was when these things started to come out.

So, make some money and enjoy the rumors coming up with the 2020 NFL Draft.