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Thursday Night open thread: Bengals in Cardinals position a year later and there is one big difference

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Rumors are rumors so I want to try and get that out of the way first.

However, as not the worst team in the NFL this year and a team that was the worst last year it is always interesting to look at the situation going on in Cincinnati.

The Bengals own the first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft and there now seems to be some whispers, murmurs if you will, of Joe Burrow maybe not wanting to play for the Bengals.

I was thinking about this and whether it is true doesn’t matter because it just shows where the Bengals are right now.

It reminds me that the Arizona Cardinals last year had their own issues and rumors, but it was never about someone not wanting to play for them.

That’s an interesting thing when you consider how bad the Cardinals have been in their history and we never heard anything about Kyler Murray not wanting to play in Arizona. We never heard about Nick Bosa not wanting to be here.

I hope for the Bengals and their fans sake this is just the media and the draft winds blowing for no reason.