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Sunday supper: Arizona Cardinals have the foundation built, now they need to start building

Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images

Sunday night with the family.

That’s what it’s all about right? No NFL right now means not much in terms of discussion around your favorite team, but there is always plenty to talk about.

The Arizona Cardinals have a chance to move up another rung in the NFC West in 2020, getting out of the cellar is definitely the first step in what we hope is a long term climb into contendership.

There have been plenty of team building ideas bandied about on the boards, how the Arizona Cardinals can improve and if it can be sustained.

One thing that has proven to be a recipe for success and longevity is having the right quarterback.

I think that’s where we sit and hope a bit right now, that Kyler Murray is the foundation of this team and then the building will be easier moving forward.

That’s a bit like what the Seahawks did.

Russell Wilson has allowed the Seahawks to maintain and change over the past decade, while still competing every year.

That’s the goal for the Cardinals.

Let’s hope it goes well.