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Report: Left Tackle D.J. Humphries extended through 2022 season

Per Mike Garafolo it’s 3 years and $45 million for the Cardinals LT, but what do the guarantees mean?

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Humphries, once called “Knee Deep” by head coach Bruce Arians is now knee-deep in something different:


Per NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, anyway:

So it’s 3-years, $45 million and $30 million of that over the first 2 years with a grand total of $29 million guaranteed. The Cardinals keep one of their own, and now Steve Keim has a 2nd draft pick (a first-rounder no less) kept and signed to a 2nd deal.

The all-important question of course is—what does the guaranteed money and contract structure look like?

We’ve gotten a good glimpse of it just from the original breakdown.

$15 million a year average, with $30 million in the first 2 years and just under $30 million also guaranteed.

In short—it’s probable that the 3rd year of Humphries deal either isn’t guaranteed or doesn’t have a high number of guarantees, which makes it seem likely that it’s in effect how most NFL deals work:

-A four-year deal=a three year deal with the guarantees in the front part of the contract.

-A two year deal=usually a 1 year deal with an added bonus for the player, or for the team to keep them around for another season if they choose to.

By structuring the deal in this way, Arizona’s giving themselves a “get out” clause potentially by the end of the 2021 season. However, that could also mean good news for Humphries.

In terms of this contract, he could either re-negotiate with Arizona after the end of the 2nd year or, could also potentially hit the market again before age 30, as he’s only 26 years old and doesn’t turn 27 until December.

This also means that the Cardinals won’t have to look for a replacement or tag Humphries with the franchise tag entering free agency.

What are your thoughts on the Humphries re-signing, Cardinals fans?

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