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Arizona Cardinals offseason plans starting to fall into place

Arizona Cardinals v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals offseason is in full swing now.

After signing D.J. Humphries to an extension the Cardinals are inching ever closer to being done with the offseason on offense.

They need to address the right tackle position, but they have two good candidates in house, incumbent Justin Murray and last year’s veteran acquisition in Marcus Gilbert.

Murray seems like the smart play with Gilbert being the break in case of emergency option during training camp.

They have to figure out a running back, but David Johnson and Chase Edmonds are under contract and we’ve seen how easy it is to get a running back in the draft, free agency or trade.

That leaves the wide receiver position on offense.

Defensively is a whole other animal.

The team is working on a Patrick Peterson extension, this coupled with the Humphries extension would likely give the Cardinals a bit of cap space for 2020 (I know we all love kicking the can down the road but that’s the business).

Which means the team could be a good position this offseason to address the biggest need on the team, the defensive front seven.

It was the plan from way back in December, go into the draft with no “needs” and have options that allow you to be flexible at eight.

The one little wrench may be the Cardinals focus on something everyone has been begging them to focus on, the offensive line.

Whether it’s true or not, I’ve heard the team is looking at acquiring one more offensive lineman this offseason, one that could tighten up the perceived weak spot along the offensive line.

While we can all agree the offensive line is important, how would you feel about the Cardinals spending nearly $45 million in salary on the offensive line this year and next?