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Wednesday Night open thread: Arizona Cardinals free agent priorities

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday night one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals have started their quest to continue to fix things after their downfall over the last several years.

It started with the re-signing of their own free agents and now they turn their gaze towards the rest of the league.

From people I trust, it sounds like the Cardinals were in on Greg Olsen, hoping to have quite the duo of veteran, two-way tight ends.

Olsen (35 in a month) recently signed with the Seahawks for up to $7 million with $5.5 million guaranteed.

That is an interesting try in the least. While Olsen is a talented veteran and would offer some stability in the Cardinals two tight end sets, why would they want to invest in a veteran tight end here?

Wouldn’t wrapping up $10 million in the tight end position with the needs elsewhere be a bit... odd?

Or, was the idea that Olsen helps alleviate some of the need for wide receiver and/or offensive line?

It did not work out, but what would you think if it had?