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Super Bowl LIV San Francisco 49ers game day news and notes

San Francisco 49ers Practice Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It is the final gameday of the NFL season and it is the big one.

To kick off our Super Bowl coverage we have a look at a ton of news from the San Francisco 49ers and Niners Nation.


49ers Kittle on Mathieu: He’s incredible. Just watching him on film, it’s really fun to watch - Niners Nation
The 49ers tight end addressed the media

49ers news: Jed York provides a bit more context on Jimmy Garoppolo’s arrival in San Francisco - Niners Nation
We had a lot of reports on what the 49ers were up to, this helps confirm our initial suspicions

49ers vs. Chiefs: Ranking the 10 best players in the Super Bowl - Niners Nation
Surely, everyone will agree with this list

49ers CB Richard Sherman on criticism of Jimmy G: Idiots sound like idiots at this point - Niners Nation
Sherman is fed up, too.

How other teams can inform the 49ers on slowing the Chiefs’ offense - Niners Nation
The Chiefs are rightly regarded as one of the most explosive offenses in NFL history. Nevertheless, teams have successfully slowed them down. How did they do it?

49ers history: The moment Jimmy Garoppolo transformed the team and brought hope - Niners Nation
We’ve reset this so many times, but it’s Super Bowl week and it’s important bring it up again.

Super Bowl LIV preview: Louis Riddick has the perfect scenario for Jimmy Garoppolo Sunday - Niners Nation
Let’s see what he’s got.

49ers news: Katie Sowers “absolutely” believes she could be an NFL head coach - Niners Nation
She is going to get plenty of media attention this week, and deservedly so.

49ers news: Richard Sherman wanted to put Jim Harbaugh out of the league - Niners Nation
Someone asked Sherm about Harbaugh, and Sherman didn’t hold back.

49ers news: That time Kyle Shanahan preferred Denver over San Francisco - Niners Nation
Thanks, Elway!

49ers news: Why Kyle Shanahan didn’t draft Pat Mahomes? Kirk Cousins - Niners Nation
Shanahan explained why the 49ers did not evaluate the Kansas City Chiefs too closely before the 2017 NFL Draft

49ers DE Dee Ford: I’m not who I am without great teammates - Niners Nation
Ford was a great interview on Tuessday

How the 49ers defense has changed since the last time they played the Chiefs - Niners Nation
One or two things...

Could the Super Bowl be Joe Staley’s final game? - Niners Nation
Veteran Joe Staley is still under contract next season, but could he retire if the 49ers are able to win the Super Bowl?

49ers news: San Francisco’s defense is perfectly equipped to stop the Chiefs - Niners Nation
If you’ve watched one 49ers game this season you’d never say that out loud.

49ers news: CB Richard Sherman turned down more money from the Lions - Niners Nation
To win with the 49ers

49ers vs. Chiefs: Rob Gronkowksi sees more Kittle in himself than Kelce - Niners Nation
From an interview perspective, it has to be Kittle

49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl preview: Expect San Francisco to score at will against Kansas City - Niners Nation
The story of the Super Bowl will be San Francisco’s offense

Another reason why John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are the perfect partnership - Niners Nation
Cool little detail on how they build teams

How the 49ers defense can limit the Chiefs spread concepts in the red zone - Niners Nation
Film room looks at how the 49ers can counter the Chiefs offense, and some of the ways the Chiefs can frustrate the 49ers defense.

How can Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo silence the doubters? Win the Super Bowl. - Niners Nation
All the media sessions are now completed, there’s no reason for Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo to be nice. It’s time for them to unleash on all the doubters and the Chiefs’ defense this weekend.

Keys to Super Bowl victory: It starts upfront for the 49ers - Niners Nation
So Jimmy G can show the best version of himself.