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Players already sounding off on proposed CBA from NFL

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Things don’t look rosy for the NFL in their newest labor agreement. At least not early.

While the NFL wants to not only expand the playoff field, they would also like to expand the number of regular season games to 17.

Well, one of the biggest voices in the NFL has already weighed in.

That doesn’t seem like the best early omen for the NFL owners who are looking to cash in on even more regular season games.

While the playoff expansion helps the players (and owners) it seems like early the expanded season would only help the owners as players with deals would be playing that 17th game at a discount.

From Yahoo!:

That game check cap could be concerning for star players who signed long-term deals since the beginning of the 2019 free-agent period because they have the highest likelihood of making it to the 2022 season when a 17-game schedule would theoretically begin. Essentially, any player earning more than $250,000 a game (or $4.25 million in base salary) would be playing their 17th game of the season for a discount.

It will obviously be interesting to see how NFL players and their agents respond to the first rendition of the new CBA, but so far, not so good.