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Sunday Supper: Arizona Cardinals get ready for 2020 NFL Combine

NFL Combine - Day 2

Happy Sunday family.

As we nestle into NFL Combine week we’ll have plenty of things to talk about all week.

Justin Higdon is coming out of retirement and he’ll have a big week on the site.

Justin has two gambling articles on the draft and he’ll be joining the Rise Up, See Red podcast this week as well.

It should be a really fun week.

The thing with the NFL Combine is that it’s part of the process, but not the whole process.

Guys like Michael Thomas, Orlando Brown Jr. and even former Cardinal Markus Golden were semi-red flagged because of some less than ideal combine numbers.

However, when you watch their tape, the numbers line up and it shows that they were not limited by those athletic numbers.

It’s why the combine is important but also just a piece of the entire pie.

What we’ll learn this week more than anything is that no one knows anything, yet.