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2020 NFL Combine Prop Bets - 40 Times

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Best 40 Time - Joe Burrow

Over/Under -- 4.81 seconds

I’ve seen no rumors or reports of Burrow’s 40 time, but I’ll still take a guess. Since 2000, 158 QBs have beaten 4.81 seconds, including Davis Webb, Connor Cook and Christian Hackenberg. If Burrow decides to run, I’ll take my chances that he is at least as fast as those guys.

Best 40 Time - Justin Herbert

Over/Under -- 4.71 seconds

No doubt Herbert is a fine athlete, but will he run a better time than the 4.75 Josh Allen posted two years ago? I’m betting Herbert isn’t, but I don’t feel great about it. After all, the similarly-sized Drew Lock turned heads last year by posting a 4.69. I don’t blame anyone for passing on this bet.

Best 40 Time - Jalen Hurts

Over/Under -- 4.58 seconds

Before enrolling at Alabama, Hurts ran a 4.85 40 at The Opening (per his ESPN recruiting page). But in the spring of 2016 he reportedly improved his time to 4.48 seconds. I don’t necessarily buy the sub-4.5 time, but I’ll buy significant improvement. Hurts is a relentless weight room junkie, and I wouldn’t doubt his preparation for these events, so I’ll take the “under.”

Over/Under -- 4.65 seconds

Young ran a 4.94 in high school, but has packed on about 40 pounds of muscle in Ohio State’s strength training program, so I’m expecting improvement. The Bosa brothers ran in the high-4.7/low 4.8 range, and I do believe Young is a more freakish athlete, but I still don’t feel supremely confident in the reports I’ve seen of a 4.57 time. I’ll take the “over,” but I feel like this will be a close call.

Best 40 Time - Jerry Jeudy

Over/Under -- 4.44 seconds

Jeudy has bested this time in Alabama spring testing, and says he’s shooting for 4.34 at the combine. I’ll roll with him and take the under.

Best 40 Time - CeeDee Lamb

Over/Under -- 4.54 seconds

Lamb was a 4.60 guy in high school, but has changed his body by adding about 30 pounds. I like the DeAndre Hopkins comparisons for Lamb, and Nuk ran 4.57 at the 2013 combine. This one feels too close to call, but if my hand was forced I’d swallow hard and take the “over”.

Best 40 Time - Henry Ruggs III

Over/Under -- 4.38 seconds

Ruggs is repeatedly hyped as a challenger to John Ross’s record 4.22 40. If the Alabama receiver runs over a 4.3 at this point, draftniks will mourn for days. Taking the “under” feel like stealing.

Best 40 Time - Justin Jefferson

Over/Under -- 4.51 seconds

Jefferson’s 4.88 high school time isn’t much help. I have little doubt in my mind he’s improved whatever technique led to that time. Still, I’ve seen reports that Jefferson will run in the mid-to-high 4.5s, so I’ll go with the “over.”

Best 40 Time - Tee Higgins

Over/Under -- 4.57 seconds

As with Jefferson, I’m not inclined to put much stock into Higgins’ high school 40 time (4.75). But with the number set at 4.57 here, it’s a lower bar to clear. I’m comfortable with what I’ve seen from Higgins to bet on the “under.” In fact, I think he’ll raise some eyebrows with a sub-4.5 time.

Best 40 Time - D’Andre Swift

Over/Under -- 4.47 seconds

This RB class is fast at the top. Swift is the first of three backs listed here in succession that I expect to run the 40 in anywhere from 4.35-4.45 seconds. Swift has a track background and a 4.43 40 time in his past. I like him to clear the “under.”

Best 40 Time - JK Dobbins

Over/Under -- 4.49 seconds

The last two RBs to come out of Ohio State - Zeke Elliott and Mike Weber - both ran official 4.47 40s, and I expect Dobbins to be a tick faster. He has a 4.44 time under his belt from his high school days, and I don’t expect the 15-or-so pounds he’s added to slow him down too much. I’m going with the “under.”

Best 40 Time - Jonathan Taylor

Over/Under -- 4.51 seconds

This “under” is the easiest call of the three RBs. Taylor ran a 4.42 at The Opening as a high schooler, and reportedly dipped into the 4.3s last offseason. I think he’ll be the fastest 200+ pound back in the class.

Faster 40 Time

Henry Ruggs III -400 (1/4)

Jalen Reagor +250 (5/2)

The fastest time I’ve seen reported for Ruggs is 4.25, and for Reagor it’s 4.29. I’ll play the favorite and take Ruggs.