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Trading back may be an option, but the Arizona Cardinals need to be careful

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The “Inception” of NFL writing is in full swing this time of year.

As a reader and a guy who jots things down I am not a huge fan so I try and limit my takes on things.

However, Blake Murphy wrote an article that touched on Dane Brugler’s latest 2020 NFL Mock Draft and it got me thinking.

Blake asked the simple question of would you be a fan of the trade that Brugler made in his latest mock, moving down from eight to the Raiders pick at 12 and two additional picks.

The kicker was Brugler mocked 33% fan favorite CeeDee Lamb at this pick.

That prompted the question of if you would make a move similar.

The short answer for me is no.

I never am a fan of moving down when you have a chance at blue chip players.

I said it last year with the trade down scenarios with Nick Bosa if the Cardinals didn’t take Kyler.

I’ll say it again this year, and while I’m not ready to declare all the blue chip players in this draft, I personally believe Lamb is one.

So, you probably wonder why not do this iteration of the trade.

Another was available at the eighth pick and the Cardinals traded it away for another team to take that player in Isaiah Simmons.

While I’m curious where Simmons fits in with the Cardinals on defense, I think a Kam Chancellor role is his biggest asset and how he should be deployed, he is a guy who can play a number of roles in year one and lessen a potential departure of Budda Baker in year two and on.

The Cardinals also miss out on a bevy of players in Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw and Tristan Wirfs who would fit needs as well.

Finally, this is a mock draft and you can make it work anyway you want. If Lamb or for that matter Jerry Jeudy is a player you see as a top five player in the draft and the only remaining top five player on your board, you better make the pick.

Hoping that four or five or six teams help you out is a great way to guarantee failure moving forward.

Don’t get cute.