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Thursday Night Open thread: Arizona Cardinals need to find the balance in the building

Three years in the NFL is an eternity.

Three years ago the Arizona Cardinals were moving forward with the same team that just finished a disappointing 7-9-1 and felt like health was the main culprit.

It’s a lack of self-scouting that so many teams deal with.

It’s easier to place the blame on situations outside of your own control: Injuries, missed field goals, play that had not been a players standard.

Instead of looking at the reality: Poor picks in 2013, 2014 and 2016, counting on older, broken down players, not planning for the future, instead planning year-by-year.

It’s those things that create failure and a state of disarray that has lead to the last three seasons.

Now they sit with a roster that lacks young talent, and the older talent is gone.

That’s where there has to be a vision on what they are doing moving forward.

They have to find the right veterans (Jordan Hicks, J.R. Sweezy) the right young players (Kyler Murray) and also grow the talent that has not been consistent (Christian Kirk, Byron Murphy) or injured (D.J. Humphries, Zach Allen).

Building a contender is about finding the balance.

Let’s see if the Cardinals can find it.