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Eno Benjamin may not be an every down NFL running back, but he has the potential to be a solid NFL player

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue through the list of 2020 NFL Combine participants and we get to intertwine with the players the Arizona Cardinals have already met with, we also get a local angle with things.

Tonight we look at Eno Benjamin at Arizona State and what his combine numbers, plus his work with the Sun Devils and what that tells us about the running backs potential in the NFL.

When you look at the numbers Benjamin put up at the combine it is a little lackluster in terms of NFL potential, but when you combine that with his high level of production at ASU there is a nice spectrum that Benjamin falls on.

Benjamin’s high end comparison is that of Houston Texans running back Duke Johnson. Johnson has been a consistent threat as a second back with the Browns and now Texans, and while many have wanted to see more touches for Johnson, it may not be in the Cards.

On the other hand, his low end comp is Ronnie Hillman, the failed Denver Broncos draft pick who was a big time threat at San Diego State, but never knew how to fit in in the NFL. Hillman wasn’t able to be an every down back in the league and could never carve out a niche.

What would you think of Benjamin with the Cardinals?