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Mekhi Becton has few peers in his size and athletic testing making him a unique NFL prospect

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Working through the 2020 NFL Draft prospects and their tape is no doubt a grind.

It takes time and there’s a lot of games that you can’t get great information off of.

There are games that throw up red flags and there are games where you wonder how a player isn’t being talked about more.

One of the great equalizers is being able to put up comparisons based on athletic testing, then going back and watching the film of those comparisons and see if you can find similar qualities.

It’s something Justin and I have been working on for the last couple of seasons and it feels like it gives you a good spectrum the player could fall on.

That’s why when you get a player like Mekhi Becton, it’s tough to find the athletic comparisons and game film that matches up because they don’t make prospects like Becton.

That’s actually a problem from the beginning because it’s hard to put a high end and low end on a guy that doesn’t have many peers in size.

When there’s too small of a data pool, the numbers don’t work as well.

That’s why when you look at Becton his splits are enormous on where he could land.

The obvious one is Trent Brown. Brown as a high end at tackle is probably a really good place. His other high end could be former Steeler and current Arizona Cardinals team employee Max Starks, who had a nice long career as well.

The reason I emphasize tackle is because from there it’s a bunch of tackles that move to guard.

Mike Williams and Leonard Davis, remember them. Both were massive players who had to move to guard.

The low end is tough because it’s basically every other player over 6’7” and 350lbs which is a short list, as only seven have measured at that size at the combine.

It’s a tough one, but Becton seems like he has a good shot to make it.

What do you think?