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Coronvirus is causing the NFL to make some changes to their offseason schedule

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With bigger things going on in the world, the NFL has made some key decisions at this time, while keeping most dates as is until more is known.

While the NBA and NHL have canceled seasons and the MLB is suspending Spring Training, the NFL is taking a less extreme approach at this time.

Some of the key changes thus far:

Spring meetings canceled and re-planned:

Some team’s are determining that they are not going to conduct NFL draftee visits at the team facility, this is not an NFL mandate, but instead a team-by-team decision.

Some key upcoming dates:

  • March 16: Deadline teams can designate franchise or transition players is 11:59:59 a.m. CT, with the early negotiating window opening for free agency 1 second later.
  • March 18: The 2020 League year starts at 1:00 PM Arizona time.
  • April 23 - 25: The NFL Draft

It will be interesting to see how all of this goes down.

Finally a note from the editor:

This is first and foremost an Arizona Cardinals and NFL site. We are going to continue to maintain our focus on that.

We can discuss this issue in a rational manner, but let’s keep anything political out of it.

As a healthcare worker myself, we have a number of things ongoing that people are either unaware of or uneducated about so let’s not perpetuate untruths.

Working at a cancer center I deal with incredibly vulnerable patients who are immunocompromised due to their oncology treatments.

We are well aware of the risks and dealing with them as we can.

As things change, we will update this article, unless something major occurs, but let’s keep the Corona conversation here.