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Brett Kollmann on RT Jedrick Wills

NCAA Football: College Football Playoff National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, in the comment section of my free agency article “The Athletic Top 100 FA Predictions”, Aaron0815 posted Brett Kollmann’s new video analysis of Alabama RT Jedrick Wills and how Wills compares and contrasts with Iowa RT Tristan Wirfs—-and for those of us who have perceived Wills as the best RT option in the 2020 NFL Draft, this video is a gem.

After watching the video, I had a chance to speak with Brett and here were his answers to the questions I posed:

  1. Some scouts are saying that they believe Tristan Wirfs has the makings of an All-Pro guard in the NFL, what are your thoughts about that?

BK: “Wirfs could be better off starting out at guard the way Laremy Tunsil and Jonathan Ogden did when they were rookies, because right now Wirfs is going to struggle in edge pass protection versus the likes of DeMarcus Lawrence and Nick Bosa—-not due to athletic limitations, but due to inconsistent fundamentals.

Once Wirfs gets comfortable with the fundamentals, particularly with drop step angles, hand placement and tackle/end exchange stunts, then you can move him out to tackle. But in his first year, I wouldn’t leave him 1 on 1 with the top pass rushers. He’s got the feet for it, but his instincts and fundamentals are not quite there yet, unless he gets with the right coach and if a great edge rusher like Chandler Jones hammers on him over and over in practice until he gets things right.”

2. Do you think Jedrick Wills can jump right in at RT and start immediately?

BK: “Not just that, but I think he has a chance to be a Pro Bowl RT within a year or two. If you watch the Auburn game he was dominant versus the best defensive line in the SEC. Not only is Wills technically sound in all aspects of tackle play, he studies his opponents to the point where he can tell pre-snap whether the edge is going to run a speed rush, a bull rush or a end/tackle exchange stunt. Wills is the single best tackle in this draft.”

3. If you were the Cardinals, would you take RT Jedrick Wills at #8 over WR CeeDee Lamb?

BK: “Without a doubt. First of all, you’re not going to get any tackles that come anywhere near the talent of Jedrick Wills’ in the 2nd round, whereas there should be some very good WRs in the 2nd round like, possibly, Denzel Mims (Baylor) and Tee Higgins (Clemson) or if you want to go with a home run type, K.J.,Hamler (Penn St.) is a total can opener, and you might be able to get him in Round 3.”

“But, most of all, the Cardinals have a chance to draft a potential All Pro, future Ring of Honor tackle at #8 in Wills, that is if he gets past the Giants at #4 and the Panthers at #7. I think it’s a 50/50 chance that Wills makes it to #8. I will tell you this, the Cleveland Browns would likely consider it a miracle if Wills falls to them.”

4. Where should Jedrick Wills be ranked on the Cardinals’ draft board?

BK: “Number 1. Just imagine what Kliff Kingsbury’s offense can do if you give Murray time to throw and make plays. An outstanding tackle like Wills will open up every aspect of the offense.”

5. Who is your NFL player comp to Jedrick Wills?

BK: “Think Joe Thomas. That’s the kind of player you are looking at here. Potentially dominant physically, fundamentally and instinctually.”

6. Do you know why Wills didn't lift at the Combine?

BK: “Some agents prefer that their players lift at their pro day. It doesn’t really matter, because when you watch Wills play, his brute strength is obvious.”

7. If the Cardinals could take an interior offensive lineman on Day 2 of the draft, which one do you think would be a great fit?

BK: “The one who stands out to me is Lloyd Cushenberry (LSU) who can play C or G and did such a good job protecting Joe Burrow up the middle. He was LSU’s best lineman. Plus, he was the only offensive lineman who I thought was able to hold his own against DT Javon Kinlaw (South Carolina) at the Senior Bowl.”

8. What do you think of WR CeeDee Lamb?

BK: “I love CeeDee Lamb, but to acquire an elite tackle prospect in Jedrick Willis is too hard to pass up.”

Many thanks to Brett Kollmann for his outstanding video and for taking the time to answer our questions. Brett is like Dominos Pizza—-he delivers. If you are hungry for more, go check out the video analyses on his highly popular YouTube account.

What do you think ROTB members? Where would you rank Jedrick Wills on the Cardinals’ board?

I think Brett makes a compelling case for the Cardinals.