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Justin Murray gets big performance-based bonus thanks to his work for the Arizona Cardinals

Cleveland Browns v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

NFL players make a good living and have some great perks in their jobs.

While they get the crap kicked out of them 16 times a year during games, and have hellacious practices and travel schedules, they get paid well to do this.

However, someone like Justin Murray, on his sixth team in four years is not one of those highly compensated (in respect to the rest of the NFL).

He had a base salary of $570,000 in 2019 and the NFL announced he was on of the highest recipients of the NFL’s performance-based bonuses in 2019, with a performance-based distribution of $346,499 and his share of the veteran pool was $192,648, giving him a total of $539,147.

Murray nearly doubled his salary in 2019 because of his play for the Arizona Cardinals. Starting 12 games and playing well in nearly all of them will do that for a player.

That’s a huge accomplishment for someone like Murray who had never played in an NFL game prior to last season.

Congrats to Murray on a well deserved payday.