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Twitter Reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ trade of David Johnson for Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins

How did the Hopkins Heist by AZ for the All-Pro wide receiver play out in real time?

NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals broke news yesterday morning at the start of the “legal tampering” period of Free Agency with some running back news. First, a transition tag for Kenyon Drake.

Then, some running back news:

Okay, so the Texans take part of Johnson’s contract and the Cardinals give up a pick for the rights to do so, or swap some picks, yeah?

Most of Twitter reacted similarly...if the Texans GAVE UP anything for the running back, it was a bad move. In fact, they should be RECEIVING picks for Johnson and Arizona would be in poor shape giving up picks (only having 6) for what would be a salary dump.

Then the follow-up news:

ALL of it? Oh no....what pick and how much did the Cardinals have to give up to the Texans?

And then the biggest news of the day in the NFL dropped...

It happened extremely quickly, so fast that the takes couldn’t even settle in before the trade momentum swung from “bad” for the Texans if it wasn’t a high draft pick to “very very GOOD for Arizona (and terrible for Houston)

It was insane. The breakdown of how much of a steal this was rippled throughout the NFL.

The most viral tweet of the moment from the Arizona Cardinals Subreddit sums it up the best with an Avengers meme where Thanos replies “Everything” in a moment from the movie but...with a more relevant twist:

It only got WORSE for the Texans slam after that, once WR Stefon Diggs, who’s not as reputable as Hopkins, was dealt for for a first and multiple day 3 picks...a higher value than what Arizona gave up:

Wow. Cards got a steal.

How did the Cardinals players and others react around the league?


Chase Edmonds, Cardinals backup RB, went viral with his reactions:

And of course, QB1 himself with his newest weapon...

In short here’s how it turned out in the end and why fans are excited:

And in the end, no matter what you might think of Cardinals GM Steve Keim, he walked away with a win today...