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Arizona Cardinals 2020 cap space dwindling after flurry of first week moves

NFL: FEB 25 Scouting Combine Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Salary cap is a funny thing this time of year.

When you hear deals like the Arizona Cardinals bringing back Brett Hundley, Jonathan Bullard and Chris Banjo it’s hard to figure out where that money is coming from.

Especially when you factor in that those three contracts along with the details on Jordan Phillips and Devon Kennard contract lacking right now, that where on Earth do the Arizona Cardinals have cap space?

According to the Arizona Cardinals sit with about $14.3 million in space.

That figure lacks the five players above, but also does factor in the Cardinals rookie draft pool.

As the top 51 works, as those five filter in, the bottom five that are on the top 51 in contracts will fall off.

However, the $14.3 million is not much, so the Arizona Cardinals will have to find a way to generate a little bit of space.

That means either cuts, extensions or restructures are on the horizon for the Cardinals.

You have to be happy with where they sit at this point, but it’ll be interesting to see what they do in order to find more space.