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Arizona Cardinals get most surprising move of early free agency, but fans are still cautious

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The shock of last week’s NFL Free Agency is wearing off, so now it’s time to revisit last week.

On Monday March 16th the news broke that the Arizona Cardinals were trading David Johnson to the Houston Texans.

The only question was, how much of his salary would they have to eat to make the deal work? The answer not only shocked everyone, but it also became the secondary story.

The primary shock of the first week was not Tom Brady’s departure from the New England Patriots, it wasn’t the Minnesota Vikings finally trading Stefon Diggs, it wasn’t the Cleveland Browns going on another shopping spree.

It wasn’t even the Arizona Cardinals trading David Johnson, it was the fact that the Cardinals traded David Johnson and in return got DeAndre Hopkins.

The Hopkins trade was far and away SB Nation’s FanPulse most surprising move of the first week of free agency.

It was a shock for NFL fans and a move that nary a Cardinals fan can complain about, yet it didn’t make a huge change in the expected playoff probability for the Cardinals as Revenge of the Birds fans are not ready to buy the hype just yet.

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