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Jedrick Wills did not light up the combine, but he did enough to remind he is a sure thing in the 2020 NFL Draft

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As we continue our daily look at prospects coming out of the 2020 NFL Combine we get to one that has lost a little bit of steam after he just did his job.

While Jedrick Wills decided not to lift he did almost everything else and with that showed he was more than athletic enough to be an immediate impact player in the NFL.

Wills combination of length and explosiveness makes him a prototype for an outside tackle, whether it be left or right depending on your need.

His tests, his work at Alabama and his on field grade make him another sure thing in this draft.

When you look at Wills combine, his high end comparison is that of Redskin Trent Williams. That is the highest type of compliment you can give a prospect.

The biggest concern some will bring up is that Wills is only 6-4, but his 34.5” arms make up for that with little concern.

For a low end comp you go all the way down to... Anthony Davis, former starter for the San Francisco 49ers.

Wills may have been a bit of the forgotten man coming out of the 2020 NFL Combine, but we should all remember he is going to be a very good pro in the NFL and would be a great fit in Arizona.