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Arizona Cardinals have less than $40 million in cap space after D.J. Humphries contract

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2020 free agency period comes barreling towards us, the updated cap space for each team is being fleshed out as much as possible by the fin folks over at Over the Cap.

They have the numbers figured in from the latest contract from the Cardinals, with D.J. Humphries becoming a wealthy young man, and you can see for yourself that the Cardinals have some work to do in order to get themselves in a spot to be a player in free agency.

According to Over the Cap, the Cardinals sit at $39,708,710 in cap space with 52 players under contract.

Now, things can and will change over the next week in order to give them a bit more money, but they sit with only the 20th most cap space heading into the free agency period.

When you look at the options, there is Patrick Peterson and a potential extension and or trade.

David Johnson trade.

Chandler Jones extension.

Jordan Hicks and Justin Pugh restructure.

Budda Baker extension (that will probably not help much).

In other words, the Cardinals have som options, but they need to be creative in order make sure they get some money, but also leave themselves some room in 2021 and moving forward to really take advantage of the Kyler Murray contract.