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Arizona Cardinals among teams exploring Trent Williams trade per report

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Washington Redskins v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images


No really, what!?!

The Athletic is a site with a lot of different writers covering all the NFL teams individually ala SB Nation.

Some are just football guys covering the X’s and O’s of football, some are beat reporters and some are insiders.

Ben Standig of The Athletic is a beat guy for that covers the Washington Redskins and Washington Wizards, he’s dialed in and dropped an interesting note the other day:

”The Cardinals and Texans have expressed interest in Williams, according to sources. Other NFL writers from The Athletic weighed in on whether they see viable landing spots around the league ahead of a weak free agency class and a draft loaded with rookie tackles.”

Again I ask, what?

I know that the Cardinals last season explored a Trent Williams trade that never was able to materialize. The compensation isn’t something I am comfortable talking about, but it included a player still on the roster right now and a day two draft pick.

The Redskins had no interest.

Now the Cardinals have just signed D.J. Humphries to what equates to a guaranteed two-year deal, so why?

I went through Williams career and I don’t see much experience at right tackle in the NFL, but there is plenty in college, where he played the majority of his snaps in his career.

We know the story of Humphries at right tackle, which is not good.

There’s also the oddity of Williams contract, which is up after this year.

So, why would the Arizona Cardinals trade for a 32-year old with one year left on a deal to play a position he has not played in a decade? And would they really give up a 2nd round pick as Standig suggests?

It would definitely be an upgrade at the position and maybe they see an ability to re-sign Williams for two years and have bookends for the next three seasons?

It’s just an interesting idea.

What do you think?