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My 7th Annual Masters Mock

US Masters Golf Ball On Golf Green
  • This is for entertainment purposes—-I try to make it as fetching as possible.
  • For the past 7 years I have been offering a Masters Mock on Master’s Weekend—-and while the Masters has been rescheduled for November—-the annual Masters Mock must rage on!

The Cardinals’ 2020 Version is titled: “From Tee To Green”

Trade: the Arizona Cardinals trade the #8 pick to the Miami Dolphins for picks #18, #39, #141, #197.

18. Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson—-the Cardinals’ are planning to Tee up many long drives this season.

39. Ezra Cleveland, T, Boise St.—-nothing like having a good, versatile wedge game on the OL.

72. Curtis “Strange” Weaver, Edge, Boise St.—-would it be so strange if the Cardinals led the NFL this year in sacks?

114. Troy “Pete” Dye, LB, Oregon—-Cards design multiple ways to cover the turf this year.

131. Quartney Davis “Love”, WR, Texas A&M—-Cards’ fans are going to love Davis’ production from the slot.

141. Eno Benjamin “Hogan”, RB, Arizona St.—-nothing like hitting the holes from the sweet spots.

197. Benito “Bobby” Jones, DT, Mississippi St.—-this powerful striker is a leader in the clubhouse.

202. Zack Johnson, G, North Dakota St.—-no one is better in short yardage wedge play than Zack Johnson.

222. A.J. Green, CB, Oklahoma St.—-by taking this talented cover corner, the Cardinals have the 2020 NFL Draft covered—-from Tee to Green.

Happy Passover and Easter my friends. Stay safe and strong.