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Alohi Gilman is a special teams ace with starter upside

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Louisville Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Day three picks are not the most known players.

In fact, most day three picks are players that either have glaring physical limitations, lack production at the college level or have something off the field or injury wise that makes them come with big red flags.

Yet, they are important pieces and when they hit as starters they become lottery tickets.

That’s why when you look at prospects on day three it’s even more important to remember the range of outcomes is massive.

It’s also harder to find comparisons because you don’t want to compare a day three prospect to a first round player who is a Pro Bowl type player even if the athletic traits and production are similar.

The first player we’ll look at that the Cardinals have met with is Alohi Gilman of Notre Dame.

Gilman was actually an easy one because he has a high end comparison of Xavier Woods. Woods was a sixth round pick of the Dallas Cowboys who has become a valuable starter in the NFL for the Boys.

His low end is a Bacarri Rambo type, who floated around the NFL but never made it.

Gilman profiles as special teams type with starter potential. That’s what you look for in Gilman, a standout special teams performer at Notre Dame, he was also a heart and soul leader in the Irish defense.

What would you think of Alohi Gilman on day three?