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Sewo Olonilua offers size and versatility out of the backfield, could he be on the Arizona Cardinals radar?

TCU v Texas Tech Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Here’s a fun one.

There have been dozens of prospect interviews from the Arizona Cardinals this offseason and one that I had to really dig into and talk with a couple of people I trust the most. Let’s take a look at Sewo Olonilua, a massive running back from TCU.

Sewo Olonilua is 6-3 232lbs and over his four years at TCU had 348 yards and 1,624 yards and 18 touchdowns rushing, but also had 60 receptions for 383 yards and a touchdown.

That and Olonilua’s testing made me ask the question, is he a running back or would you look at him as a H-Back convert?

Kyle Posey loves what he sees as a potential runner, especially in Arizona’s offense:

”He’d be great in AZ. He’s the kind of back that gets more than what’s blocked.”

As a running back there are few intriguing comps in Toby Gerhart and Brian Leonard. Both fit the style and athletic ability. Gerhart was obviously more productive at Stanford, but as runners they make sense.

I looked at Olonilua’s testing through the lens of an H-Back as well. He tests similarly to Lance Kendricks who has carved out a nice career.

When you are looking at the end of the draft, round 6-7, Olonilua could be a name to watch.