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Twitter Reacts To Kliff Kingsbury’s Draft Setup

Kliff’s pad looked like THE greatest possible way to watch the draft

The NFL Draft is full of unexpected suprises...but there’s definitely one that many people saw that did NOT have anything to do with a player picked but rather with the Cardinals head coach, Kliff Kingsbury.

Apparently the coach is watching the draft from the swaggiest pad this side of MTV’s Cribs:

The way the photo was composed with the background:

  • the lit fire during the day time
  • slouched frame with sockless shoes
  • wide-open Scottsdale resort style backyard

Definite power move from the coach.

Here’s some reactions from fans who noticed that the Bengals head coach...was in a somewhat different situation:

At least one person seems to be social distancing during the draft in STYLE.