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Leki Fotu scouting report and NFL player comparison

NCAA Football: Utah at Arizona Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When you sit back and look at the Arizona Cardinals haul from the 2020 NFL Draft you see the potential.

You see why Steve Keim is “at peace” and you see why fans are hopeful for the return of football.

We’ll keep the positivity going while also giving a look at maybe why each of the newest members of the Arizona Cardinals could be contributors for the team and in the NFL. We’ll also look at what could be their fatal flaw and hinder them making it.

As I’ve talked about throughout the draft process when it comes to NFL player comparisons they should be done on a spectrum.

That spectrum gives us a range of outcomes and what we believe could be their ceiling and floor.

Today, we take a look at both fourth round picks, finishing up with Leki Fotu of Utah.

Fotu is a massive man, 6-5 330 lbs of interior defensive lineman.

He was the anchor of a fantastic Utah defense and was willing to do the dirty work constantly.

That’s what the Cardinals have been missing the last several years, guys willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the team.

All of a sudden on defense you have had a bunch of guys playing for their numbers and not playing to be part of something bigger overall.

Fotu is that type of player. Fotu is a guy who will play only 40-50% of the snaps in the NFL, he’ll never put up big numbers, but he’ll be a key component to a good defense. Hell, he could be an important piece to a great one.

Fotu is much, much larger than your usual fire hydrant nose tackle.

The 6-5 Fotu boasts long arms that allow him to get away with a little more holding than normal while he two gaps and creates running lanes for the linebackers.

That is what the Cardinals have missed lately. They have Corey Peters, but they haven’t had the Calais Campbell that was willing to sacrifice his stats for the team to pair with Peters.

They haven’t had a guy who would eat up blockers and let linebackers make plays.

Now, this isn’t to say Fotu will be Campbell, Campbell could flip the switch and become a pass rusher on any down. He was a true three-down terror. Fotu can you give a similar type of play against the run or giving blitzers a lane in pass rush situations.

That’s why when you look at the comps for Fotu his high end is that of A’Shawn Robinson. Robinson has been about a 45% snap player throughout his career. He has five sacks in four seasons. Robinson is not a game changer, but he is a guy who can make a big difference.

Low end for Fotu is that of Nazair Jones, the former Seattle Seahawks third round pick.

What do you expect of Fotu?