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March Fanposts of the Month

Another strong month is in the books, once again I’m grateful for the participation! For March the field has been narrowed down to outbackzona (1st) and ag832 (2nd)! Congratulations you two, be on the lookout for an email from yours truly.

outbackzona did a fun ranking of the trades dealt by Steve Keim, and ag382 shared some heartfelt fan experiences and some topical thoughts for what we’re all going through right now.

But that’s not all the great content we’ve seen this month, as we will continue to showcase some of our fanposts! Be sure to stop by the fanposts section for anything you might’ve missed.

Now I normally try to rotate the prizes to keep things as fresh as I can, but given the present circumstances I thought the upcoming winners for the April Fanposts of the Month could use some help, so we’ll be awarding Amazon gift cards to them! ($75 and $25 for 1st and 2nd, prizes may vary for international participants.)

How does one particpate in this? Well...

  • Submit one or more fanposts during the month of April. (Yes, this includes prior to this article from the first of the month.)
  • Keep it PG!
  • And follow the Community Guidelines.

Looking forward to more offseason content, especially with the draft right around the corner. If you’ve got any questions, check out the Fanpost Guide or hit me up at or on twitter @robert_ban!

Stay safe everyone, and be smart!