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Josh Jones scouting report and NFL player comparison

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Houston v Tulane Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

When you sit back and look at the Arizona Cardinals haul from the 2020 NFL Draft you see the potential.

You see why Steve Keim is “at peace” and you see why fans are hopeful for the return of football.

We’ll keep the positivity going while also giving a look at maybe why each of the newest members of the Arizona Cardinals could be contributors for the team and in the NFL. We’ll also look at what could be their fatal flaw and hinder them making it.

As I’ve talked about throughout the draft process when it comes to NFL player comparisons they should be done on a spectrum.

That spectrum gives us a range of outcomes and what we believe could be their ceiling and floor.

My favorite offensive line prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft is an Arizona Cardinal. Let’s look at Josh Jones.

Jones is a deft pass protector already, showing good feet and heavy hands during his time with Houston. He did so without ever really getting continual coaching, as he had three offensive coordinators and four offensive line coaches in his time in Houston.

Yet, he developed and got better each and every year.

He finished his final three seasons with an astounding 1,282 pass blocking snaps and only 18 pressures allowed.

What Jones brings to the NFL is something that can’t be taught, it’s ability in pass protection.

With coaching and consistency in an offense and an offensive line coach, he could develop the technique to match the already advanced pass blocking skills.

That’s why the splits on a guy like Jones when it comes to NFL player comparisons are so big.

If Jones hits his ceiling you’re talking about a Terron Armstead level player. Armstead is a multi time Pro Bowl player who has made a 2nd team All Pro team as well.

If he’s not able to refine his skills to get to that level, you still see a bright future as a Billy Turner level offensive lineman.

As biased as I may be, Jones could end up being the best offensive linemen coming out of the 2020 NFL Draft.